Finding the perfect Boyfriend jeans and Girls night in <3

Afternoon Ya’ll!

I managed to find my prefect boyfriend jeans that i have been desperately trying to find for quite a while now! Happy days (Is it sad how genuinely happy that makes me :D) they got rem rips and everything !

Aside from that joy, me and my roomie/bestie decided we needed a girls night in after all the stress of exams and work, and we had the best time ❤ Seriously, if you are in the need of some TLC grab a friend, some face masks, a good film (we choose The Fault In Our Stars, which had us in a sobbing mess), cookie baking and some wine and that is all the cure you need ! We attempted to make Tanya Burrs cookie recipe (link here: but unfortunately our baking skills are something to be desired and they turned out just mushy chocolates messes but they tasted amazing!!

I hope you are having a good Bank holiday weekend lovelies 😀

Kymeliu x

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