My Summer Plans :D

Hello beautiful people !

So as a little procrastination (only one more exam though, woo ! :D), i found myself looking through pictures of last summer and it got my thinking … what kind of things i’d like to achieve by the end of this up and coming summer 🙂 I already have a couple ridiculously exciting things planned, such as my eldest brother’s wedding and words can’t express the level of excitement i have for that! I can just see it’s going to be the most beautiful day and i will undoubtably be a sobbing mess in the corner 😀 I’m also off to Cyprus for a whole dayum month !

Aside from the big stuff, i thought it would be nice to have a few ideas of what i’d like to get up to in the mean time. These are things that i adore doing but rarely get the chance, and i want to dedicate this summer t myself, finding me and being a happy with who i am 🙂 so these are my ideas:

  1. Read as often as i can. Ideally i’d like to get through 1 book every 2 weeks because there are just so many people in this world writing amazing books and i need to get involved ! The the first on my list is Looking for Alaska by John Green (the genius behind A Fault In Our Stars, if you have been in a cave for the a very very long time 😉 ).
  2. Painting. I am part way through one, but that might have to stay up at university so i would like to create one at home that would tie in with my room when i have redecorated. I find painting so relaxing, then at the end you can step back and be like yup that was me, i did that! then hang it proudly girl 😀
  3. Keep up with my yoga :3 This is something i’ve been doing for the past 2 years or so, i mean i am no expert and sometimes it can be a while between my time on the mat, but it is so rewarding ! Yoga with Adriene is absolutely amazing and i am currently on day 9 of her 30 days of yoga, go check out her channel on YouTube if you haven’t already honestly you’ll thank me 🙂
  4. Go on lovely long walks with the family and of course the woofer ! Getting out for some fresh air and exploring the beautiful countryside is one of my favourite things, just ever!
  5. Heading to the County shows. This involves lots of cheese tasting, cider drinking and looking at various bred’s of cattle and sheep! I always have the most amazing time, be it with friends or family.

I hope this has inspired you to think about what you would like to achieve this summer, and feel free to comment with your ideas on how to make this the best summer yet 😀

Kymeliu x

Instow <3
Instow ❤
2014-06-05 16.03.01_1024
The beach is one of my favourite places, i am so lucky we have so many beautiful beaches on our doorstep 😀
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