Review of A Quiet Place


Hey Lovelies,

I thought I would come at you today with a film review to mix things up a little 🙂

I went to go and see A Quiet Place in my local cinema last week, and I thought i’d share my thoughts. Aside from the idiot in front of us who kept clambering around on the cinema seats, and opening cans of what I can only assume was cheap cider …

The film set the the scene to a post-apocalyptic world, and a sweet family just trying to live their lives. But we find out quiet soon why the movie has such a title, and jeese-o… they did a great job.

Never has silence in a film been so captivating, and suspense filled. I don’t know how they managed to make you so emotionally attached to characters with such little dialogue. Hats off. It has also set itself up for an amazing sequel, which I can’t wait for!!

This film gave me vibes of stranger things, and signs, and it was epic!

Hope you enjoyed this little review.

Thanks for reading,

Kymeliu x


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