Getting a Puppy

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are all well πŸ˜€ I thought I would chat today about my experience getting a puppy and share some tips and tricks that I have learnt along the way! Along with some cute pictures… hehe


Firstly, I assume you are reading this because you are rather thinking of getting a puppy, or have one πŸ™‚ So if it is the former then I would like to ask, is this something you have thought throughly about? Because getting a puppy is a big commitment and not something to be taken on lightly. If it is the latter, then congratulations on your new little addition and I hope you are well strapped in for the ride xD

Our puppy story

My and my partner had thought about getting a dog for such a long time, and we always thought we would get a rescue to be honest, as we know there are plenty of beautiful lovely dogs waiting for homes in rescue centres. However, a friend had a litter of Irish setter puppies and it seemed to be fate that we should get one of those for many reasons which I won’t go into here. Anywho, we landed ourselves with an 11 week old Irish setter we named Riley πŸ™‚


So that’s our pup!


Here are some tips for before getting a puppy and for the first few weeks and months

  • Have an idea about what breed you would like and would fit into your lifestyle, as different breeds have different needs
  • make sure everyone in your household is ready for the new addition to your family
  • get yourself down to the pet shop and get some puppy training treats, accident mats, and lots of toys of different textures so they can choose
  • Have clear ideas of boundaries in the house, such as are they allowed on the sofa, the bed? So everyone in the house knows the rules so the new puppy won’t get confused with mixed signals
  • When you first bring them home, let them explore their new environment at their own pace and just leave them to it
  • Be prepared for whining and crying on the first night, but try to ignore it. They are naturally going to be worried and it will likely be the first time they have slept alone, but start as you mean to go on and they will soon learn that it is okay and normal. Just give them time
  • Start training with them as soon as you can, it is a great way to build a great bond and will set them up nicely for the future :). This can easily be incorporated into play
  • When they are young, try and leave them alone for small periods of time, so they know that it is a normal thing to happen, even if its just a quick walk to the shop and back. Then after just build this up, so they aren’t just being thrown in to being left alone for a long time
  • When giving them their food, get them to sit and give you eye contact before putting it down, so they know you are the one with the food and you tell them when its okay to have some
  • Get them interacting with other dogs and people


Now our puppy is coming up to 8 months old and he is by no means perfect, but i think these things have helped shape him to be a lovely little dog with a heart of gold.


Kymeliu x




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