Review of Boots Botanics Organic Skincare Range


So I have been trying to mix up my skincare recently as I wanted to try out some new bits that I have been eyeballing when doing a Boots wonder πŸ˜›

I had used some of the Boots Botanics Organic range many years ago, and was interestingly one of the first products I used that made me stop and think about what was actually in my products.

So after my other items had ran their course, I decided to try out the updates Organic range from Botanics.

Firstly I noticed that they had changed their formula for the moisturiser day cream which I was thankful for as previously it was very thick and kinda gloppy which was kinda grim. It also smells terrific, like plants and freshness πŸ˜€ who doesn’t want that on their face!! The only downside to it is that it does not have any SDF in the moisturiser … which is a big let down as this is now a major must for my daily moisturiser as i have very pale skin that burns super easy, and which the warmer weather on its way, I’m concerned!

I have also tried the eye cream and think it’s just a bit average really. Unfortunately, I have never found an eye cream that actually does anything for my under eyes. I have quiet bad dark circles., and it just didn’t touch it at all. My quest continues xD

But the star of the show for me is the hot cloth cleansing balm, which is just amazing!!! Its comes with these little balls in which slowly dissolves as you circle the product around your face, and this feels really nourishing. The product in general feels very gentle and is quite thick, but in a really great way. Then when you remove it with the hot cloth it really feels like its given your skin a lovely cleanse without any nasty chemical feels.

To sum up, its been a range that could have some improvements but I totally have time for it and I would 100% be repurchasing the hot cloth cleanser πŸ˜€

feels high end and natural

Thanks for reading!

Kymeliu x


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